Эрнст Фукс

Behind Veronica’s Cloth.

The temptation of the Victor.
The spirit of mercury.
The sorrowful rosary.
Der Puppenschluck.
Chrucification And Self-Portrait,  With Inge Beside The Cross.
A Woman’s Reflection In A Row of  Houses (from the cycle The City).
Die Beweinung des Zwiespaltigen.
Gutersloh und die Muse.
Studie (from cycle Bikini-Atoll).
Weltnacht — Klage uber das Weltenei.
Selfportrait III.
Transformations of Flesh.


The Lost Martyrdom.
The Procreation (Siring) of the Unicorn.
Kampf der verwandelten Gotter.
Satan’s Heaven.
Moses before Burning Bush.
Christ Before Pilate.
Metamorphoses of Lucretia.
Marriage of the Unicorn.
Psalm 69.


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